<>Tom Price has one of the most comprehensive websites for beginning old tool collectors and users. I referred to it often when I started using the internet to learn about old tools. His list of links to other websites is what keeps my list short.

<>The home of old tool scholarship is the Oldtools List. There are two ways to read it. You can lurk "under the porch" or you can subscribe and take part in the conversation "on the porch" by following directions given in the FAQ. I recommend lurking in order to check it out. The list is an email server, sending several dozen messages per day.

<>Pete Taran offers a lot of information about Disston saws that is not repeated on my site. He sells high-quality vintage saws that are ready to go to work. He also has what may be the best primer on saw sharpening ever published.

<>Sandy Moss has some interesting saws and many other tools for sale.

<>Bob Kaune sells an assortment of collector-quality old tools and published the Stanley Bed Rock plane type study.

<>Bad Axe Tool Works is a manufacturer of new backsaws of many sizes and combinations of features. The quality of founder Mark Harrell's saws is unparalleled. The result is a saw that both appears and functions like a saw that Henry Disston would have put his own name on.

<>For more information about Foley filers, go to the Foley Filer Blogspot.


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